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Alaszka : Eszkimo-Angol szotar

Eszkimo-Angol szotar

Atesz  2004.05.24. 02:55

Alljon itt nehany kedvcsinalonak.. atertak - bear cub, imagpok - is full, katauyak - rainbow , katauyak - rainbow , okrarpok - speaks pikaluyak - iceberg pussik - cat

Eszkimo-Angol szotar

Eskimo Dictionary

Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter A

Several words beginning with the letter A, are formed in imitations of natural sounds, or onomatopeia:

a'a, excl. of suffering
ayok, falls unconscious
aniartok, is ill
a'agnerk, squaw duck
anrayortok, is out of breath
aitaurpok, v. yawns, etc

Some words beginning with the letter A, are derived from the root "Ar", which means movement:

movement from : aniyok, goes out; arktorpok, v. , skins v. movement towards:
adgiarpok, carries in his hand; aktorpok, touches
movement of dispersion : apsimayut, are scattered;
aput, snow covering the ground
movement of life and heat : auma, fire; aok, blood;
audlarpok, goes away


adgakpok, adgasarpok - digs with hands or paws
adgertitartok - peeping in and out (vg sun.)
adgomut - facing the wind
adgorpok - travels against the wind
adja! (avi) - how nice!
adjigektok - is similar, like
adjiliwok - imitates
adjortok - is different, is disguised
adjumiyok - desires to imitate
adlartok - clear sky
adlauyartok - is shy, timid before strangers
aglerolarpok - gnashes teeth
agvaerpok - hinders no one
agviarpok - hinders others
aiklerpok - fetches something
aimerpok - visits expecting to receive food
aitangayok - has his mouth open
aitaurpok - yawns, is sleepy
aitorniarnerk - promised gift
aivayok - he quarrels
aiwok - goes home
ajoribviksak - model to imitate
ajornartok - difficult
ajurakangitok - almighty
akkerareit - enemies, opponents
akkiorpok v. - echoes
akkisartorpok - revenges
akkisuitok - never answers
akkisuktok - sun ray reflection
akkituyok - expensive
akkiwok - revenges, answers, exchanges, etc.
akkiyomawok - inclined to revenge
akkonasuktok - tries to please both
akkorpok - catches when flying (ball, etc)
akluilak - the richest
akluitok - is rich
akpattok - steps, walks, runs
akpalikitaurtut - they race
akpasortok - walks quickly
akpiusarpok, akpikok - replies, answers
akreatorpok - ate his fill
akreatusukpok - is no more hungry
akrittok - is soft
akropiyok - lies down (as a dog)
akrovikpok - sits on heels
alarpok - turns head, not to see
alianaigosuktok - is happy, cheerful
aligortarpok - shines
aluktorpok - licks
amarok - wolf
amigaitut - plenty
amilar - truly, surely
anana! - beautiful!
anernerk - breath, angel, spirit, ghost
anersarpok - sighs
angatuyok - is rough, bad boy
angayokrak - superior, parents
angelrarpok - comes back home
angiyortak - the biggest
angusuktok - is good hunter
angutiriyok - holds his own
anguyok - catches game
annakpok - is not caught, is still free, escapes
annuarsorpok - obeys, listens well
annudlakpok - is very sad
annutpok - is sad
annunsingorpok - sulks
aoksireartok, siorauyak - sugar
apadlerpak - last dog (has shortest line)
aperiyok - questions, asks
apersorpok - questions many times
apkalawok - devours like dogs
apkarpok - devours
areoyok - has finished, sulks
arksarpok - takes away by force, etc
arktayut (Okk.) - thieves
arlorpok - lifts up eyes and head
assiangorpok - becomes totally different
assianuarpok - goes elsewhere
assikangitok - unique
assinaitok - untied, free (dog, etc.)
assiuyok - is lost
assiwarok (Padl.) - is lost
asso - enough
atanerk (Okk.) - boss, lord, master
atertak - bear cub
atkrigiark - nervous, never quiet
audlatsiariktok - moves with facility, skilful
auksararpok v. - diviing through the air
aulalayok - never quiet
aulaiyiyok - pays attention, remembers
awadlerpok - goes far away
awalukpok - goes around
awamurpok - goes to and fro, far
awinesuitok - is always home
awisuitok - inseparable



Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter E

Most of these words are derived from the root words: egitpok, erkriwok, erkrarpok, having the following meaning:
egitpok, projecting far away, extraction from, throwing, casting
erkriwok, folding, curling up, etc
erkrarpok, remembers, pays attention, etc.

The root ER meaning privation, separation, is also used in some derived words beginning with E, as: eresaraitok, easily loses its feathers, etc.

erealarpok - yells, cries out
erenesuktok - is in a hurry
erkpakpok - opens, blossoms, etc.
erkrarpok - remembers
erkraidguyok (Padl.) - is inventive
erkrarsautit - souvenir
erkreanaitok - keeps one busy, awake, sprightly
erkreasukpok - is lazy, feels sleepy
erkreangoyok - sulks
erkrikpok v. - embraces.
erkrivok - curls up.
erkrirutit - tattooings around the mouth
erkromayok - is awake
erksiwok - is afraid
erligosuktok - is stingy


Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter I

N.B. The letter I is pronounced "ee".

The letter I at the beginning of a word means "to be", that is any modification of being:

Here are a few ideas suggested by the words beginning with I:

idea of: heat, fire: ikkitit, matches
idea of: laughing, mockery: iglartok, laughs; iyortok, mocks
idea of: wound, cut: iki, wound: ikkiarpok, cuts into layers
idea of: attention: itkraumayok, remembers
idea of: different ways of being in a place : iksiwayok, is seated; inangayok, is lying down; issangayok, is
    outstreatched, etc.
ibleriwok - is stingy, prefers
idjuarsiwok - imitates
idluartok - is good
idluigosukpok - is envious
idluiksarpok - gets others in trouble
idluilutaowok - is the cause of trouble
ikligosukpok - desires much
ikpanartok (Net.) - amiable
ikpariksarpok - places things in order
ik***rtok - causes one to feel something
iktariktok - is heavy
iktortok - goes out to see if someone is coming
iktsuarpok - often goes out to see if someone is coming
iktumiyok - makes noise
ikublayok - is moderate
illa - partner, friend, related
illeranaitok - makes every one at ease
illerasukpok - is shy, timid, ashamed
illimasukpok - is on the watch, suspects
illitariyok, illitarsiyok - recognizes illituyok - learns easily, intelligent
illutorpok - digs
illungertorpok - endeavors
imagpok - is full
imgiarpok, ingiarpok - precedes, goes ahead
immerukpok - is thirsty
immoriktok - is curled up (as a dog)
immulerpok - curls up
immuyut v. - they play "hide and seek"
inerkonartok - is fair, pretty
ingertarpok - walks to and fro
ingiarpok - finishes, goes ahead
ingiarsiwok - passes beyond
innatauyok - is companion of action
inneriyok - talks to
innua or inua - possessor, master, etc.
inuilitiriyok - seeks to be alone
inukpak - giant
inuksiwok - meets, finds human being
inuliorpok - procreates
inungoark, inuyak - doll
iparsiwok (Okk.) - understands easily, intelligent
iparpok - cleans, licks, etc
ipiiyarpok - cleans
ipiktok - is sharp
ipkolukpok (Padl) - whines, complains
ipkrittok - is clean
ipsorpok - shakes one's self
irkraumalerutiksak - souvenir
issibjukpok - speaks in low voice
issorartuyok - leader (dog), pulls hard
issukangitok - has no end: eternal
issumadguyok (Padl) - intelligent, great thinker
issumaksorpok - does as he pleases
issumatark - chief, one who thinks much
issumayok - thinks
itkranartok - makes one reflect
itkromik! (excl) - more or less pleasing!
itsuarpok - goes out to see if some one is coming
ittersaliorpok - digs a hole
ivarpok - seeks, looks for someone
ivayok - broods
iyakovik, takuvitnar - pupil, apple of the eye
iyerartorpok - goes and hides
iyeriyok - looks fixedly, stares
iyerutit - spots on dog's eyes
iyerpok - hides self
iyorpok - laughs, mocks
iyorayuktok - teases often
iyorosuktok - mocker



Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter K

Eskimos seem to have a preference for words beginning with the letter K. In fact these and the words beginning with A are the most numerous. At times it is difficult to perceive the difference in sound between the usual K and the very guttural K. Fo

Here are some general ideas expressed by words beginning with K : KA or KRA:
idea of surface : kanga, it's surface; kadlerk, at the very top
idea of group : kattimayut, are together; kattersorpok, collects
idea of light : kraumayok, it is a bright light; kraukpat, tomorrow
idea of knowledge : krau, forehead; krauyimayok, knows
idea of colour : kraudlortok, is white; krernertok, is black
idea of being pointed : kakiwak, fish harpoon; kapiwok, pierces
idea of being inside : kramanitok, is inside; Katituyok, has a bass voice
KI or KRI:
idea of heat, and absence of heat : kiagorpok, sweats; kikreyok, is frozen idea of wound, tearing : kilerpok, is
    wounded; kidlalik, has a tear
idea of neighbourhood : kiglinga, its border
idea of curling up : kripingayok, is twisted
idea of hind part, rear : kingudlermik, at last; kinguani, at the rear
idea of person : kina?, who?; kinasingingmat, has not found anybody
idea of only : kissiani, only; kissima, only me; kissimi, only he or she
KO or KRO:
idea of being high : kotsiktok, is high; konmuarpok, rises in the air
idea of surprise : koarsarpok, starts (from surprise); Koglurtuarpok, is surprised; koksadlakpok, is surprised
KU or KRU:
idea of imitation of sound : kukiut, rifle; kuertorpok, coughs
idea of passing by : kurk, river; kutviorpok, sheds tears

kablursorpok - winks v.
kadzait - wolves wandering and hungry
kagliwok - comes closer
kakituyok - clever, intelligent
kakrayok - is cheerful, lively
kalertanartok - makes one shiver with emotion
kalibjarpok - dog making effort to get loose
kamanartok (Okk.) - is marvelous
kamanartulliyok - works marvels
kamariyok - takes interest in
kamasukpok - answers well, obeys, takes interest in
kangartok - is very sensitive
kangelrarpok - walks ahead of dogs
kangusukpok - is ashamed, shy
kanogsartok, kanungauyok - is mean, teases
kapiasukpok - is afraid
karpok - is hungry
katauyak - rainbow
kattersorpok - is gathering things
kattingolarpok - dog is grunting
kaulertanerpok - makes one shiver with fear
kayusiyok - perseveres
keviarpok - turns one's head
kinarluktok - makes a bad face
kingudlerk - the last
kingupiusarpok - falls backwards, steps backwards
kinguyok - tips over (canoe, etc.)
kipingoyok - feels lonesome
kissermiorpok - is solitary, alone
kissi - alone
kollarpok - hesitates
konwakpok - smiles; syn.: kungotorpok
konwasuitok - never smiles
kotsiktok - is placed high, is high
kramguyok - snores
kranoengitok - has no trouble, (all is well)
kreanartak - blue fox
kreanartok - makes one cry
kreayok - cries and yells
kregertarpok, kiggertarpok - makes little leaps, hops, etc.
krelanartorpok - desires intensely
krelerpok - is very thirsty
krelukpok - yelps (dog)
kremigosukpok - is jealous
kremukserpok - leads a dog team
krenerpok, krenorarpok - looks for, seeks
krenutuyok - insistent beggar
krepasuitok - never discouraged
krepiluktok - refuses
kriksimigarpok - scowls at some one
krilanartok - is desirable
katauyak - rainbow
kriptaerpok - is well awake, in good humour
kritigutiksak - toy
kritikpok - plays
kronuyok, kronutpok - refuses
kungutorpok - smiles; syn.: kunwaktok
kunuyok - refuses
kussuyok - is a coward
kuvianartok - makes one happy
kuviasukpok - is glad, happy
kuviasungnerk - happiness
kuyariyok - is thankful



Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter M

Here are some ideas suggested by the words beginning with M:

idea of pain : malarpok, yelling (as a dog); maikpok, it hurts
idea of covering a surface : mami, thin skin; manerark, field
idea of special place : mani, here; maniyok, yields
idea of good: mamartok, tastes good; mamiarnartok, is hateful
idea of root: mangukpok, penetrates; mauyak, soft snow
idea of localisation : mikpok, v. lands, sets
idea of movement : momerpok, v. dances
idea of extraction : millukpok, suckles

malarpok - yells (dog) mallikpok - follows
malliksarpok - tries to follow vg. game
mamerpok - revenges
manangayok - holds head leaning on one side
mangatpok - flees away (game etc.)
maningmiyok - makes no resistance
maniyok - is easy to reach, (lit.: stays there)
miagorpok - howls (dog)
mianersiyok - watches, guards
mikkakpok - gnaws
mikilak - the smallest
mikiyok - is small, little
miorpok - howls
miperpok - is late
mitarpok - mocks
mulorpok - is late



Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter N

Here are some ideas suggested by the words beginning with the letter N:

Words beginning with NA expresses the idea of:
place: nani, where; namut? where to; nangertok, is standing.
Words beginning with NI or NERK expresses the idea of something perceptible by the senses:
by the sight: niptayok, is seen; nipamayoik, is long unseen
by the hearing : nippi, sound of the voice; nipjarpok, makes a sound
by the sense of smell : niorsitok, inhales and smells
by the taste: nerkri, meat; nerrewok, eats
by the touch : nerromiktok, is smooth to the touch
Words beginning with NU and coming from the "terminalis case": NUT express the idea of:
what is seen : nuya, hair; nuvak, mucus from the nose;

muiyok, comes out
what moves : nuuktok, is on the move;
nukterpok, changes place, moves
naaktok - is obese
nadlerkotauwok - is worthy of
nadlikangirtok - has no equal
naglingnartok - is lovable
naglingnerk - love, charity
nakkertok - goes fast, quick, far
nakkersarpok - goes faster and faster
nakkorsarpok - is happy
nakoarpok - acts well
naksitarpok - says no, (making sign with nose)
nalegak - lord, master
nalektok nalaktok - listens, obeys
nanertak - bear cub
nanganartok, nanranartok - marvelous
nangiarpok - is afraid
nanuk - polar bear
nappatak (Okk.) - fox
napsiktok - breakable
narpok - stumbles
natserk or netserk, netjerk - seal
nautsertorpok - pays much attention, explores
nayagarpok - is half asleep
nerdlingoyok - is stingy with food etc.
nerreyok - eats
nerriungnerk - hope
nerromiktok - is smooth, soft to touch
nertuark - is strong, powerful
nerserk, netjerk - seal
nikadlorpok - is sad
nikobjarpok - lifts self on tip of toes
nimnarpok - agitated, never quiet
ningarpok - gets angry
ningatsuitok - patient
niplerpok - makes noise
nippaitok - makes no noise, is silent
niviorpok - is anxious
nuki - strength, nerve
nukilik - is strong
nunguserark, okkomiakattark - candy
nuyuitok - is domesticated
nuyuisertok - is not frightened (as deer, etc.)



Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter O

Here are some ideas suggested by the words beginning with the letter O: -
idea of: weather and seasons: okko, it is hot; okkiaksak, fall season.
idea of : clothes : okkorutit, clothes; okkortok, warm clothes.
idea of : heat in objects : onartok, is warm; oyok, is cooked.
idea of : feelings of the soul, faith : okpertok, believes.
idea of : admiration : op***rtok, is marvelous; opipok, is astonished.
idea of : hatred : omisukpok, hates; ogiartut, fight as dogs.
idea of : regret : oggorpok, regrets; oggornartok, is regrettable.
idea of : coming out of : okrark, tongue; okrok, rust.
idea of : spreading easily : orksok, oil; olingoyok, the rising tide.

oggoriwok, ogguarpok - regrets
ogiarpok v. - fights (dogs)
okkodluartok - leans forward, (is sleepy)
okkojiyok - is absent minded
okkomaitok - is heavy
okkomiakattark - candy
okpigosukpok - has confidence
okradlorikpok - is a great talker
okalruserk - word of authority
okrarayukpok - speaks too much
okrarlorluktok - does not speak much
okrarpok - speaks
okratsiak - good speaker
okrigisertok - makes little leaps, hops
okrilayok - is swift
okrittok - is not heavy, light
oksitartok - tries everything
olikpok - shivers
olrowok - falls down
omariksartok - is full of energy
omilarpok - complains
opagiarpok - is anxious, looks for trouble
opalorpok (Padl.) - is obedient
opinnartok - is marvelous, miraculous
orksingolerpok - is too fat



Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter P

Here are some ideas suggested by the words beginning with the letter P: -
PA : idea of place, situation, position : pa, entrance of a snow house
PI : very general idea of getting, gets, goes, etc.: piyok, acts; pisiartok, acts well
PO : idea of visibility : poktalartok, it floats
PU : idea of swelling : publartok, is swollen; puyortok, it smokes

padlakpok - stumbles
pagvisarpok - bothers v.
pakadlakpok - is noisy
palarpok - is quiet, better
palarsiyok - is getting better
pameiyut - dogs have tail up
pangalikpok - gallops
papatsiyok - keeps well guarded
passariwa - suspects him
patjarlukpok - wind that changes easily
payok - is wrestling
perangaitok - is nervous
perkangayok - is stiff
perkominartok - is desirable
perkoyiyok - commands, orders, v.
perotsiark - flower
perpaluktok - makes a sound
pialayok - is swift, quick
pidgalerpok - runs around
pidguyok - is strong
pigiorpok - is a beginner
pijareakiktok - requires little
pijareakortuyok - requires much
pijominartok - is desirable
pikalukpok - is clumsy
pikaluyak - iceberg
pikannerpok - does it once more, continues
pikarikpok - is able to do much
pikattar, pikatti - companion, partner, the other
pikattarput - children imitating elder person
pikattauyok - takes part in game, etc
pikjukpok - finds eggs.
pikka - those above
piksukpok - acts slowly, punishes unjustly
piktauyoriyauyok - has a good reputation
piktaungitok - is bad
piktauyok, pioyok - is good
pilerigayuktok - good worker
pileriyok - works
pilisarpok - begins
pilitak - useful
pilu - hair fallen from skin
piluartok - is excessive
pimayarpok - gives
***imiyok - holds on (afraid to fall)
*** ? - what ? (searching for the proper name.
***suarpok, ***sukpok - endeavors
pingasuangni - for the third time
pingasuat - the third
pingasut - three
pingasuyortok (Okk.) - six
pingigarpok - is anxious, tormenting self.
pingitsertorpok - is hypocrite
pingoarpok - plays, imitates, jokes
pingoyok, pinguyarpok - pushes s. o. to make him fall
piniarsarpok - exercises
pinnariyok - loves preferably
pinnariyauyok - is loved preferably
pinnerlukpok - acts badly
piomitartok, piyomittartok - is ambitious
piosuriyok, pioyoriyok - is proud
piotsertortok - is hypocrite
pioyok - is good
piosiyok - is getting better
pissarpok - sings
pissimayok - is done
pissimaitok - has not been touched
pissualayok - is a good walker
pissuarpok - wants to, desires to
pissuinnarpok - takes a walk
pissukpok - walks
pitaromayok - wants to receive gift
pitsiark - beautiful
pituinnarealik - is ready
pituararpok - attains his end.
piugarpok - looking for trouble
piwallialerpok - is more and more active
piyarealik - has to be worked
piyominartok - is desirable
piyomayok - wants
pokerk - white part of deer skins
pokittok - is low
pokliwok - becomes lower
pokrittok - is intelligent
poktuyok - is high
puibjarpok - shows head above water
puigorpok - forgets
puigodguyok (Padl.) - has no memory, forgets easily
puigojuitok - never forgets
puipkartok - mirage
puiyarpok - shows head above water
pujortok - there is smoke, fog, etc.
puktok, pungayok - is bent (to hide from game)
pullarpok, uglarpok - visits
pungattok - approves by signs of head
pungok, arnaluk - bitch
pussik - cat
pussittok - is reversed, upside down



Introduction to Eskimo words beginning with the letter S

Here are some ideas expressed by words beginning with the letter S:
idea of surface, extension: sa, the surface in front; sagvik, chest.
idea of obstruction taken off: sakkerpok, is seen unexpectedly
idea of opposite: sangani, is in front of
idea of transitory surface: sanerk, dust

idea of contraction: siarnartok, is bitter
idea of extension afar: sila, atmosphere; sina, shore.
idea of different ways of covering distances: situyok, slides.
idea of expansion under pression: singortitok, a tumor
idea of splitting: siikpok, is split.
idea of noise, sound: sirkrortok, noise of a shot; sirkomittok, is broken

SO and SU: (root word for questioning):
sokoersiwok: knows why; sukkut? by what?; suna ? what is it?

saapkut - artistically done
saartok - thin (as paper)
sadluwalliayok - is thinner and thinner
sadluyok - is thin, skinny
sadvarpok - answers
saggark - short hair
sagiarpok - gets in front of
sagverpok - loses sight of
saimarnert - consolation, grace
saimarpok - consoles
saimarsarpok - tries to console
saimartitsidjut - blessing
sajukpok - shakes
salariyok, salaksartok - is victorious
salausuitok - cannot be beaten
salausuktok - is lazy
salumayok - is clean
salrosiyok - passes without stopping
sangiyok - is strong
sangusaraitok - changes often
sanguyok - changes
sanniagut - near by
sanniani - at the side of
sannesiktok - gets away from
sappagnak (Okk.) - pearl, beads
sapperpok - is unable, lazy
sappiutiwa - prevails against someone
sapputiyok - protects
sarpituyok - walks with toes outwards
sarremaitok - is sad
sarremasakpok - is tired
sarrimayok - is happy
sartok - thin
satkomerpok - appears
satornartok (Net.) - thankful
satortok - gives back to owner, etc.
saupa - covers with snow or earth
sausimayok - is covered with snow, etc.
savatsiyok - works at something
sayukpok - shakes, trembles




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